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Our clients tell us that we are the premier provider of marketing intelligence for the industrial construction market in the United States and Canada. Industrial Reports, Inc. is an industrial construction market research firm, founded in 1987, and is headquartered in the Research Triangle area of North Carolina. We issue business opportunities daily with a description of planned projects including schedule and budget information and the correct person or persons to contact.

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Our mission is to provide our clients with opportunities to prosper.

Our clients provide services, materials and equipment for new and expanding industrial facilities:


Bitumen Processing Plant
Location: AB
Cost Estimate in Millions: 35
Project Phase: Planning Phase
Project Type: Process Facility

Meat Packing Plant Rebuild
Location: IL
Cost Estimate in Millions: 2
Project Phase: Planning Phase
Project Type: Food Processing Facility

Glass Fabrication Plant
Location: WI
Cost Estimate in Millions: 6
Project Phase: Planning Phase
Project Type: Manufacturing Facility

Renewable Fuels Plant Conversion
Location: IA
Cost Estimate in Millions: 15
Project Phase: Planning Phase
Project Type: Process Facility

LNG Terminals
Location: BC
Cost Estimate in Millions: 8
Project Phase: Planning Phase
Project Type: Process Facility

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