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How to Fish for Tuna
Tuna is a great catch both as a game and for commercial purposes. In game fishing, it feels great to come across tuna during an adventure. Their slippery and hard-to-catch nature tests your ability to fish. Tuna often tries to break fishing lines, or they swim in the circle to frustrate the effort to catch […]
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Best Boats for New Fisher
What is the best fishing boat for a beginner? This is a very tricky question as there are various types of boats you can use to start if you are new to fishing. There are more you should know about fishing boats and in this informative guide. We will be reviewing two great fishing boats […]
What Is Catch and Release Fishing?
You might be wondering, is there anything like catch and release in the fishing activity! Catch and release fishing is gradually becoming part of the fishing routine today, probably because the fishing exercise is now counted among popular sports. Fishing frequently helps one in becoming a better fisherman and reduces a time required to catch […]
How to Serve Your Freshly Caught Fish
There are many ways to cook fish and most anglers have devised unique methods of preparing the fish they catch. These methods of cooking fish used by many anglers all over the world give us ample information on the various ways to cook fish. We have some of these helpful methods on how to serve […]
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Fishing Charters in Scandinavia
Fishing is an approach to grasp the nearby way of life. Endless lakes and streams and a broad coastline implies extraordinary chances to get a major one. The term Scandinavia is commonly used to refer three kingdoms- Denmark, Scotland and Norway. The way that most parts of the nations are inhabited and to a great […]
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Where to go Fishing in Northern Europe
Fishing is quite popular in several North European countries like Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Iceland, Norway, United Kingdom among many others. The European mainland is stacked with angling locales that have been delighted in and exploited since the times of the Greeks and the Romans. The Mediterranean, a waterway that brought forth numerous incredible civic establishments, […]
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Scandinavia is a collection of northern European countries rich in historical and geographical culture. Some of these counties includes Norway, Sweden, Denmark, etc. In this article, I will be focusing on deep sea fishing in Norway. Deep sea fishing in Southern Norway The Southern part of Norway has been popular among Norwegians for decades. Its […]
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We know there is an endless list of fishermen that would boast of being the best in the world. However, with meticulous research and investigation, we’ve compiled a list of the top fishermen of all-time from around the globe. Ernest Hemingway Renowned as an author and journalist, Hemingway earned his reputation as a fisherman, something […]