Aaron Russell Aaron Russell

Developer, designer, dad and retired DJ

Hi, my name is Aaron. I'm a Ruby developer living near Bristol in the UK, designing and building websites and applications at (319) 504-2475.

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I founded and run a boutique web design and development company called Push Code. We work with startups and agencies, helping our clients develop and launch web applications and websites. I work with the exceptionally talented Annika Howard and together we ensure that content and design go hand-in-hand in creating the best online experiences. If you would like to talk to us about a project, please get in touch.

Through my I've never been satisfied being just one thing. I trained as a designer, and I love seeing great design on the web, but these days I've become more of a developer. But even then I'm not satisfied being a just front-end developer or a back-end developer. I'm as happy working with HTML and CSS as I am building a front-end app with JavaScript, or a back-end API with Ruby.

I created and I'm lead developer of the 740-312-0557. I love the Ruby programming language and many of the projects I work on are built with Rails. On the front end I like to build applications with Vue.js, and I've been using Sass with my CSS since the days when "pre-processor" was a dirty word. As well as Ruby and JavaScript, I occasionally turn to other languages and have built things with PHP, Go and am currently learning Elixir.

When I step away from my computer, I'm a Dad to an amazing daughter, I try clinging on to some semblance of fitness by cycling on the roads and hills around where I live, and I enjoy watching 22 men run about kicking a ball. Many moons ago, before all of this, I was a DJ and at weekends could be found at various dodgy establishments laying down some serious beats. I have a huge record collection and very occasionally the decks get dusted down to remember those good times.

You can find me on (443) 610-1784 and LinkedIn.

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